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About Me.

I am a 17-year-old student photographer at Marin Academy High School. Photography has always been a passion of mine. I love being able to capture and share the beauty I see around me and the things I am inspired by. My favorite types of photography include, but are not limited, to portraiture and street photography. I love portraiture specifically because I can capture so much of who a person is from their expression, clothing, and setting among others.

My experience in photography consists of a photography intensive course at Parsons School of Design in New York, extensive work with other photographers and artists, and three photography courses at Marin Academy. I have also participated in various photography competitions across the Bay Area and have received awards from these competitions. 


July, 2022

The New School

Summer Intensive Studies Pre-College Program 
Three-credit, three-week course in digital and video photography. Grade: A. Created a portfolio of work including several lots of small projects that lead up to two main projects: “Inspired By” a project consisting of researching different photographers and styles of photography, then picking one artist and style of work and creating a body of work inspired by one artist and style; and “Moving Image” a videography project consisting of mapping out and shooting where we mapped out and shot a short digital film exploring New York City. 


Marin Academy

Marin Academy Visual Arts

Marin Academy Visual Arts 100, Photography 200, Photography 300, and Photography 400 student. Work with various mediums and techniques through different projects


Marin Academy

Photography Club, Co-Founder and Co-President 
Submit to photography competitions around the Bay Area as well as North Coast and national competitions like Fast Forward magazine, Bay Area Creative Youth Fund, Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, Youth in Arts in San Rafael, and SF Presidio Photoville contest. We also have competitions within the club run by us and bring in guest judges to give feedback and help club members. During club meetings, we teach logistics, how to use the cameras and equipment, photography techniques and concepts, and do outings for shooting.


Fast Forward Magazine

Bay Area Creative Youth Fund 

Scholastic Art and Writing 

Awards of merit 

2022 Creative Gallery for Photography, 2023 Creative Gallery and Special Award for Photography, 2023 Creative Gallery and Exceptional Award for Visual Arts, 2023 Creative Gallery for Film 

Silver Key for photography, Gold Key for photography

My Rates

Unlike other photographers who charge for their time during the shoot as well as each individual photos after, I charge a flat rate. The customer owns the photos after the shoot meaning they will receive the photos with no additional costs. My rates vary slightly depending on who or what I am photographing. Emails with questions, concerns, or requests for more information are always welcome.

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