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My Rates

Because I am a student I would charge a flat rate. Unlike other photographers who charge for their time during the shoot as well as each individual photos after, the customer would own the photos meaning that once I had edited them, they would receive all of the photos in a google drive folder with no additional costs. My rates vary slightly based generally on who or what I am photographing such as a single person, a family, or an event. I have more information about different types of shoots on my services page below. Customers book a certain amount of time with me starting at one hour and I would meet them at their desired location (I can recommend some I like) and photograph them. I would then edit the photos and then send the customer a google drive or other way if they prefer, where they can access all of the photos, no additional charge. Customers are always welcome to email me with questions or concerns. 

Our Services


Elliana Eaton

(628) 233-0406


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